SAY San DiegoSince the founding of SAY (Social Advocates for Youth), San Diego, in 1971, the vibrant nonprofit organization has touched the lives of over 50,000 people annually.  SAY strengthens the children from birth to adulthood, families, and communities. They help children through all the stages of their life with various programs that emphasize prevention, early prevention, and positive development. The organization’s mission is to team up with youth, adults, families as well as communities to help them reach their full potential. Their vision is “opportunity, equity, and well-being for all San Diegans.

SAY San Diego’s services and partnerships deals with the widespread needs of an individual or an entire family.  They engage with communities to work cooperatively with schools, local governments, and other systems such as law enforcement to create positive change. The holistic approach of SAY San Diego helps in developing youth, encouraging families and individuals, and engaging communities.

The nonprofit has an array of services to help all individuals, families, and youth living in San Diego County, and one of their most vital programs is their preschool program. Early childhood education is crucial because not only does it support the learning, social, and emotional development of a child, but it almost improves their early language, literacy, and mathematical skills. Through this program, the youth will grow and be prepared for kindergarten and ongoing school success in the future.

SAY San Diego’s preschools and early childhood centers nurture, promote, and enhances every area of a baby or child’s development. Their programs provide a secure, safe, flexible, and stimulating setting that is supported by a dedicated staff that is warm and caring and encourages their interests, developing needs, growth, and self-esteem. SAY has four different center locations which include:

SAY Preschools serve children between the ages of three to five, and their Early Childhood Center serves children starting at six weeks to five years of age. SAY’s Preschool Program provides an “age-appropriate” curriculum that entails a balance of activities that are intended to foster a child’s creativity, individualistic thought, and a positive concept.

The SAY Preschool Curriculum includes the following:

  • Computer Lab
  • Art and Music
  • Language and Listening
  • Science and Nature
  • Word Languages

SAY SAN DIEGO – Main Office

4775 Viewridge Avenue

San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 565-4148


SAY SAN DIEGO – Mid-City Family Resource Center

4275 El Cajon Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92105

(619) 283-9624