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National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

NAEYCThe National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) was founded in 1926, and since its founding has been dedicated to improving the well-being of young children with emphasized focus on the quality of educational and developmental services for children from birth through the age of 8 years-old.  

Every year, The NAEYC holds two national early childhood conferences; The NAEYC National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development and the NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo. Their Annual Conference & Expo is the largest early childhood educaiton conference in the nation.

The NAEYC is best known for accrediting high-quality Child Care, and preschool centers all across the county, and over 10,000 centers, schools, and programs have earned NAEYC Accreditation. The organization providers an array of programs to assist the professionals who work very hard to educate our young child children. In addition to their programs, they are also the front runners when it comes to publishing books, educational resources, posters, and videos that can be of assistance in early childhood education. 

They also publish two scholarly journals for professionals that teach young children and parents, so they stay well informed about the latest research on the education of children that are between the ages of 0 and 8 years-old. The journals are Early Childhood Research Quarlterly and Young Children. NAEYC created back in 2007 Teaching Young Children, which is a magazine written for teachers that teach preschool. This magazine supplies research-based ideas that are useful for teachers on a daily basis in the classroom. 

Every year the organization offers numerous conferences where attendees can learn and obtain professional development in their field and focus on the progress that has made in research, polices and practices. 

The Goals of The NAEYC is to:  

  •  Improve upon the professional practice as well as the working condition in early childhood education
  • Assist early childhood programs in ensuring that they achieve the highest quality system when it comes the education of young children
  • Construct a high-performing comprehensive organization of individuals and groups who are dedicated to promoting quality in early childhood education for all children

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