The Chicano FederationSince its establishment in 1969, The Chicano Federation has provided an array of comprehensive, neighborhood-based assistance programs to underserved families, youth, and seniors all across San Diego County.

The Chicano Federation offers education, housing, and nutrition to families in San Diego. While their roots are in support of the Chicano population, at the same time, they are dedicated to providing opportunities for all San Diegans. The Federation’s goal is to create changes that are impactful in the everyday lives of San Diego families who want to establish a safe and stable life for themselves and opportunities for their children. Through action, care, and providing resources for those that are in need, the foundation is positively impacting communities through San Diego County. Their mission is to invest in communities that are underserved through programs that promote self-sufficiency.

The Chicano Federation offers the following programs:

Home-Based Child Development Program

Home visitors will work with parents of children that are between the ages of 0-5 years old on their child’s development and learning every week. This program includes child development as well as in-home parenting education, field trips and socialization opportunities for children, services for children that have disabilities, referrals to community resources, and transportation resources.

Infant and Toddler Child Care Program

The Chicano Federation’s Child Care program promotes cognitive and physical development as well as social-economic progress by providing services through their contracts with state-licensed home-based Child Care settings. Their staff visits the centers regularly to monitor the progress of all children in the program.

Preschool Program

This program serves children ages 3 to 5 years old. At the Barrio Logan Child Development Center, children are offered high-quality child development services that provide them will a nurturing and enriching educational environment that is essential to their livelihood. The Center is committed to cultivating cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development to young children.

Child Nutrition Program

The Federal aims to better the eating and health habits of the children that are enrolled in their daycare home network. Daily over 7,000 children are served healthy meal that are in the foundation’s network of 850+ licensed in-home Child Care facilities in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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