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California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA)

CAPPAEstablished in 1977, the California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA) was created to serve as a voice for a mixed delivery system of public and private community based agencies dedicated to connecting poor families and their children to child care and early learning. Agencies contract with the California Department of Education (CDE) to distribute federal and state child care and development subsidies for CalWORKs and eligible working poor families. Alternative Payment Programs (APPs) support hundreds of thousands of working families and children by ensuring parental choice of child focused programs meets both parent needs of working and child needs of learning.

“Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing”

CAPPA values quality and integrity in their delivery of child development services, representing the community by helping members maximize the positive outcomes they have on family well-being, respecting the needs and commitments of members to the community (families, children and providers), serving member agencies as they serve their communities by being accessible and effective, collaboration by building relationships with emphasis on listening and confidentiality, diversity of members and their programs of all sorts, and active communication with CAPPA affiliates providing information and discussing concerns/issues with members.

CAPPA focuses on:


CAPPA plans to stabilize and increase funding for families to have access to more child care opportunities. They plan to do this by securing funding within Prop. 98, increasing flexible subsidies, and re-establishing improved Centralized Eligibility Lists (CEL). This will ensure that full early care and education needs of children are coordinated and met, working families will have choice to access care when they need it, and all child care and early education providers and centers will recognize the value of their contributions to children.


CAPPA plans to increase provider rates to limit the cost of burden for families and reflect the true cost of providing care. They want to use current provider market rate data to offset the rising cost of child care and limit the cost of burden for families and update reimbursement ceiling annually. In addition, they want to increase provider rates to reflect the true cost of providing for child care and rising minimum wage. Lastly, they want to prioritize an increase in the provider workforce that cares for infant toddlers.

Communities and Partnership

Families and children are most successful when supported by a coordinated network of state, local community and neighborhood stakeholders. They plan to invest in nonprofit support systems, optimize funding, provide stable child care for families, and show the data for the working families’ contributions, as well as the data of value of child care provider contributions.

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