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A Message from TOOTRiSA Message from Alessandra Lezama, CEO of TOOTRiS
During these past few weeks so much has changed and we understand that everyone is adapting to an unprecedented situation no one could have predicted – AKA the “New Normal.” Child Care is essential and Family Child Care providers are a crucial part of our communities. Everyone at TOOTRiS is working relentlessly to support Family Child Care providers in real time, to ensure that we can provide the necessary assistance to San Diegans so that they may continue their work in our regions critical infrastructure sectors in this time of National Emergency. Our mission is to ensure that every child has access to quality Child Care, and we are here to support you. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay optimistic.

What TOOTRiS Is Doing
In order to assist the employees currently supporting California’s vital infrastructure, but as parents, have lost their Child Care availability due to closure of schools and programs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, TOOTRiS has launched a comprehensive set of programs to help bridge the gap of Child Care enrollment. These programs are built to assist families impacted by this health crisis, ensure California employers who can’t risk losing employees over lack of Child Care have options & provide help to Family Child Care providers (FCCs) that are currently languishing without child enrollment or support. More:

TOOTRiS has essential workers looking for Child Care every day; if you’re a Child Care provider accepting child enrollments, please Contact Us immediately.

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