American Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety CertificateKids must be watched whenever they are around water. This is true whether the water is a wading pool, bathtub, fish pond, swimming pool, spa, ocean, or lake. It only takes a moment for a child’s life to be at risk when they are near or around water.

That’s why it’s strongly preferred that if adults, especially early childhood providers who are supervising water activities with young children that they participate in a water safety training course. The Red Cross firmly believes that by improving water competency and working together, water activities can be safer and just as much fun.

Duration: 2 Hour in-class session

Audience: Ideal class for parents, babysitters, family members, daycare preschool, and home in-care Child Care staff.

Water Safety Training Course

Private Classes: Private water safety training is available by appointment for groups of 2 or more. To schedule call 714-602-9796.  Please be advised that these private classes may not be available in your local area. 

This Water Safety Certification class will teach you not only how to recognize emergencies in or around bodies of water, but you will also learn how to prevent and respond to them. In addition to the following:

  • Define all risks that are associated with aquatic environment or activities, such as drowning and injuries to the head, neck or spine
  • Identify the importance of water safety training
  • Distinguish the appropriate safety practices and rules that should be enforced and in place at home pools
  • Describe the steps to take and remain safe in water environments, including waterparks, lakes, rivers, and oceans
  • Learn how to execute reaching, throwing, and wading assists
  • Explain how to prevent recreational water illnesses (RWIs)

At this time, the Red Cross location that is offering a water safety training course is located in Orange, CA at their center located on 1717 W. Orangewood Ave #E, Orange, CA 92868. If you live in the area or close to this center you can sign up for a water safety course by clicking here.

However, you can reach out to your local Red Cross office, and they will assist in finding you a water safety training course to enroll in, in your city.

Call: 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)