Careers in Child CareThinking of Becoming a Child Care Assistant?

As a Child Care assistant, you will ensure the safety and welfare of children when parental figures are not available. Beyond the child’s basic needs, you will also establish and enforce routines or schedules, and most importantly, encourage learning and socialization. In a child Care center or school, you will report primarily to the Child Care teacher and will be held responsible for following all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to Child Care. If you are working in someone’s home, you might also be the primary caregiver.

Here’s a look into the day in the life of a Child Care Assistant

The Child Care Assistant will assist the Child Care Teacher with activities and daily supervisions of children. Each day assistants may work individually, with a specific group of children, or the entire group depending on the classroom needs. Your daily responsibilities and duties will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Engaging children in play and activities that encourage their development
  • Appropriately supervising children while making sure they’re safe at all times
  • Assisting with their daily life activities (e.g., diapering, restrooms, feeding, dressing)
  • Helping facilitate early childhood education activities and development
  • Establishing a professional relationship with each family to provide friendly service and quality care

So, what does it take to land a job as a Child Care Assistant? The following steps will aid you in becoming a Child Care director.

What Education is Needed for a Child Care Assistant?

Child Care assistants will be required to have a high school or general equivalency diploma. A job as a Child Care assistant is one that is beneficial for those are currently study early childhood education, because it will provide you hands-on experience in the field. infant and toddler care.

What Background Checks, Licensing and Certification are Required for Child Care Assistants?

Child Care centers and Home Child Care providers will need to meet state licensing laws, which will involve passing background checks, inspections, going though required training and obtaining immunizations. Depending on the Child Care setting and local laws, an assistant may need a hood handlers license or a child care certification. Certain states and employers will require that you have a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in addition to infant first aid. Some states will require the Child Development Associate credential (CDA) that is administered by the Council for Professional Recognition. To receive the CDA credential you will need to have at least 480 hours of Child Care work experience in addition to 120 hours of education in Child Care.

Which Personal Qualities are Best for Child Care Assistants

Since Child Care assistants spend most of their time caring for, playing, and aiding in the development of children, a love for children is essential as well as plenty of patience and tons of energy.

What Careers Are Beyond A Child Care Assistant?

Once you have become a Child Care Assistant, there are various avenues you can seek out for growth. Obtaining a degree and the credentials to become a Child Care teacher is an option as well as going on to becoming a Child Care Director if you so choose to.