Arizona Child Care AssistanceArizona Child Care Assistance Program

For those in need of help in offsetting the cost of Child care, The Department of Economic Security (DES) provides Child Care Assistance for those that fit one of the following criteria:

  • A low-income family that are working
  • Teen parents whom are enrolled either in High School or GED classes
  • Families that are in homeless or domestic violence shelters
  • Individuals that are unable to work because of physical or emotional conditions

To apply for Child Care fee assistance in Arizona you must follow these steps.

  1. Submit all of the  requirement documents (as they relate to you) to your DES office.
  • Completed  Application for Child Care Assistance referral from the Arizona Department of Child Safety or Maximus (Application PDF)
  • Arizona Driver’s License, ID, or Legal Permanent Resident card
  • Most recent paystub, or if you were newly hired an Employment and Wage Verification Statement (PDF)
  • Self-employment records in addition to budget logs, or a self-employment tax return for the current year
  • Proof of school attendance if you are a teen parent
  • If you reside in a shelter proof of shelter residency and Verification of Shelter Case Plan is needed. (Verification Form)
  • If you are unable to work due to a medical condition, court-ordered community services or drug treatment, a Unable/Unavailable Status form must be submitted. (Form)
  • Proof if unearned income, such as Child Support, Social Security Income (SSI), loans, etc.
  1. You must select a DES-approved Child Care provider by either visiting or calling 1-800-308-9000

Please be advised that applications for Child Care can take up to 30-days to both process and complete.

Upon review of your submitted application, a DES Eligibility Specialists may reach out to you if further information is needed.  Please do not ignore any correspondence that you receive from Child Care Administration (CCA), because it can delay services.

Once you are assigned an Eligibility Specialist they will:

  • Inform you if your case has been subjected to the CCA waitlist
  • Classify the group or fee level that relates to your case
  • Be available to discuss any information that is related to your case

If at any time you do not agree with the determination of your application you can submit a Fair Hearing Request to your Eligibility Specialist by email, in person, or fax.  Once the request has been received the DES Fair Hearing Unite will complete the review process.

To speak to a DES Eligibility Specialist for additional information about eligibility and the process for applying to Child Care Assistance find your local DES Child Care Office here.