United State Navy Child Care AssistanceNavy Child Care Fee Assistance Program

Finding both the appropriate Child Care and learning environment for your child is an important decision. It is also one that could be impacted by several variables in the life of a military family. One is that in many instances, on-base Child Care may not be readily available or a feasible option for many military families. This variable is the main reason why Navy Child Care Fee Assistance was established. Not only does it aid in locating and selecting off-base Child Care for, but it also helps in offsetting the cost for said Child Care.

*Please note at this time there is a Navy waitlist for community Child Care fee assistance. All Active Duty, Reserve Active Duty, and U.S. Navy Civilians who are interested in placing their military child on the waitlist must follow the steps below.

  1. Create a profile on miltarychildcare.com. If you do not make a profile, then your child will not be added to the waitlist.
  2. It’s a must that all Navy Sponsors that are living within 15 miles or 20 minutes of an installation Child Development Center or Child Development Home Program make an active request for care in their house profile located on miltarychildcare.com before enrolling in fee assistance.
  3. Please fill out the form below to begin the process of being placed on the Navy’s waitlist for community Child Care fee assistance. Once you’ve filled out the form and hit the submit button, you will then be sent to the account portal. After you have completed the CCAoA Child Care fee assistance account, you will then receive an email notifying that your family has been placed on the waitlist.

*For verification purposes please upload a screenshot copy of your active MiltaryChildCare.com household profile to your CCAoA fee assistant account.

    4. You will also need to fill out the Navy Waitlist Acknowledgement Form


What Navy Child Care Fee Assistance Programs Are Available?

Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN)

MCCYN is a program that is offered under the Navy Child Care Fee Assistance Program, which is administered by the Child Care Aware® of America.  The MCYYN program provides fee assistance for families of Active Duty Sailors and  U.S. Navy Civilians who are not capable of accessing installation sponsored Child Care.

Families living within 15 miles or 20 minutes of an installation program must have an active request for care on militarychildcare.com before enrolling in fee assistance. For Child Care centers to meet MCCYN requirements, they must be accredited by 1 of the approved national accreditation agencies listed below:

* Please note the agencies that are listed above are the only approved national accreditations that will be accepted for the military fee Child Care assistance programs.

For family Child Care providers to meet MCCYN requirements, they must meet OMCC criteria AND have achieved all the following:

  • Child Development Associate (CDA) credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition
  • Associate’s degree or higher in Early Childhood Education or Child Development
  • National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Accreditation

To find MCCYN providers that are eligible and directly enrolled in the program click here. To verify their eligibility contact Child Care Aware® of America at (800) 424-2246.

How is My Child Care Fee Assistance Calculated?

The Military Child Care fee assistance that’s  provided for families of active duty Sailor and U.S. Navy Civilians is determined by calculating the difference between the monthly fee of the community Child Care, and the Navy parent fee for similar Child Care services based on geographic and income category.(This amount shall not go over the program’s provider cap for a family’s location and type of care needed)

If your family chooses to use a provider who charges over the maximum provider cap, then you are responsible for paying their  parent fee, and any additional provider cost that’s outside their known cap. However, if the difference in price of the community Child Care provider’s fee, and the parent fee is under $25 per month, then you will not be awarded a monthly fee assistance reimbursement. Also, if your child is enrolled in full time Child Care and your spouse works or is in school part-time, then your family will only qualify for a reduced amount of the full time Child Care assistance rate.

Please note that the parent fees that are used to calculate assistance for this program are based upon  sponsored Child Care services that are similar. This means that these fees will not always match the precise amount that a family would typically pay for Child Care at an installation sponsored Child Care Development Center or Child Care Development Home.

Military families that are living within the known high-cost installation areas will be calculated using the high-cost parents fees and the high-cost provider caps. All other military families that reside outside of the high coast installation areas will be calculated using what is called the basic parent fees and basic provider caps.

What Child Care Supporting Documents Do I Need?

When space opens up in the fee assistance Child Care program for your child, CCAoA will inform you immediately regarding what the next steps are in the application and eligibility process. Please wait for CCAoA to notify you before submitting any supportive application documents. Documentation that you need to show for proof of eligibility for Child Care fee assistance may differ by program. Here’s a list of required documents that is commonly used.

Self-Certification Form: This document is used for children listed on the application, or you will need a copy of each child’s birth certificate. Children that are eligible for fee assistance must be listed as the legal dependent in their sponsor’s DEERS. (PDF)

Employment Verification Form:This form pertains to parents that are not married living in the same household and must be filled out if the spouse/non-military are not able to provide pay stubs. Their supervisor must complete the form for a 60-day approval period until the spouse/non-military parent can provide one month of pay stubs. (PDF)

*Please be advised for full time fee assistance the spouse/non-military parent must be at least working 25 or more hours a week and for part-time fee assistance, the spouse/non-military parent must work between 16-24 hours a week.If your spouse/non-military parent is in school, they must submit a schedule verifying that they are enrolled in 9-12 credit hours if they undergraduates and 6-9 hours at the graduate level. The schedule must include their name, the institution name, number of credits enrolled for, and the time of the current semester.

Looking For Work Form: If your spouse/non-military spouse is in the process of looking for work they must fill out this form in order to receive a 90-day certification (one-time only) and want to take advantage of this approval period. (PDF)

LES or CLES: A current copy of the Air Force Sponsor’s LES or CLES dated within the last 90 days will need to be submitted for all Air Force Sponsor’s that is activated to full time duty.

Military Orders: All Navy sponsors that are activated to full-time duty from the Reservers, as well as those Navy Sponsors deployed/out to sea must supply military orders. Deployed and Activates are required to submit a current copy of order to verify eligibility.

SF-50 or Personnel Action Request Form: All Navy Civilians are required to submit a current year SF-50 form.

Installation Child Care Request Form: This form must be competed and returned for your application to be processed. (PDF)

*Be advised that all families residing 15 miles or 20 minutes of an installation sponsored Child Care is required to have an active request for Child Care at the program. Please visit militarychildcare.com to make your requests for Child Care at an installation Child Development Center or Child Development Home. This a must despite the Sponsor’s active duty/employment status, as well as the installation’s possible inability to accommodate your family’s particular Child Care needs.

If you have been denied or have not replied to an offered Child Care space at either a Child Development Center or Child Development Home within the past year, you will not be eligible for monthly Child Care fee assistance. It’s a must that all Child Care placement concerns that you have that’s related to hours of operation, commuting difficulties, transportation for school age children, as well as any special needs must be reported to the time of your online request in the “Comment” or Inclusion Action Team” section of the application. Filling out this section will aid in the programs being able to determine if they can offer your family a feasible Child Care option.

Provider Documents: For Child Care providers to be eligible for the Child Care assistance program a Child Care license is required, a state inspection report that’s been dated within the last year, and a satisfactory employee background check for all staff, a completed provider fee assistance application, and they must meet any extra high-quality accreditation criteria. Until the selected Child Care provider meets all the program eligibility requirements, your application for military Child Care fee assistance will not be processed.

Child Care Forms That Are Frequently Requested

Information Update Request Form (PDF)

Schedule of Care Form (PDF)

Change of Provider Form (PDF)

Parent User Licensing Agreement Form (PDF)

Provider Fee Assistance Application (only required for Providers who have not previously participated) (PDF)

Provider W-9 (PDF)

EIN Instructions (PDF)

Provider Rate Verification Form (PDF)

Navy Child Care Fee Assistance Policy Updates, Payment Policies and Payment Calendar

From time to there will be updates to policies and eligibility for the Navy Child Care Assistance Program. You can find policy updates here.

Please click the links below for copies of the Payment Policies and Payment Calendar.

Navy Fee Assistance Payment Policies (PDF)

Navy Payment Calendar 2019-2020  (PDF)