United States Coast Guard Child Care AssistanceThe purpose of the Child Care Programs in the Coast Guard is to assist Active Duty Coast Guard personnel in balancing the challenging demands that come with family life as well as the success of the Coast Guard mission. This may be carried out through onsite Coast Guard Development Centers, Coast Guards certified Family Child Care Providers, in addition to the recommendation to Child Care programs within the local community.  Often, enrollment in these Child Care Programs can consume a sizable portion of one’s take-home pay, and Child Care fee assistance helps offset the cost.


What Child Care Fee Assistance Programs Are Available?

USCG Child Care Subsidy Program

A Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) was created by the U.S. Coast Guard (USGC) to help meet the cost of Child Care that Active Duty USGC Members and Reservist have to pay.  Navy Child & Youth Programs (CYP) is oversees the CCSP on behalf of the USCG through the Navy Child & Youth Programs Fee Assistance Program.

To qualify for the Child Care subsidy, Active Duty USGC members and Reservists must be called to Active Duty for a minimum of 180 days straight or longer. How the subsidiary works is that it will aid in meeting the needs of eligible families where the non-military spouse/partner is working or attending school.

How to Apply For Child Care Subsidy?

To apply for the USGC Child Care subsidy program, you must perform the following tasks:

You will first need to download these fillable forms below and save to your computer.  Be sure once you fill them out that you save them again. If for any reason you need helping in downloading these forms or filling them out  you can contact FamilySupport.fct@navy.mil

Sponsor/Family Child Care Subsidy Program Application Packet: This form you will need to download if you are wanting to apply for, renew, or restart Child Care Subsidy Program Benefits. (PDF)

Other Forms Needed:

  • Child Care Attendance and Cost Worksheet: This form must be completed to verify the cost for Child Care services for your child. (PDF)
  • Sponsor Child Care Subsidy Benefit Change Request: This form is used to notify the Navy CYP Fee Assistance Program if you need to request a change in your current CCSP benefits due to a permanent change of station, needing to withdraw your child from the program or placing the benefit in an inactive status for up to 90 days (including maternity leave) (PDF)
  • Sponsor Request to Change Provider (PDF)
  • Request for Reactivation of Child Care Subsidy Program Benefits: This form must be filled out if you are wishing to reactive your CCSP benefits from having them inactive. This reactivation request must be within 90 days of the initial inactivity request. This form is not applicable to sponsors who have placed their Child Care benefit in inactive status due to a PCS move.
  • Child Care Subsidy Program Benefit Calculator

Contact FamilySupport.fct@navy.mil for Family Support Services.

Contact ClaimSupport.fct@navy.mil for Claim Support Services.

Please be advised that USCG Sponsors are financially responsible for all Child Care cost until being notified via email for approval for U.S. Coast Guard Child Care Subsidy Benefits. Once being approved, USCG Sponsors must pay a portion of their Child Care cost directly to the Child Care provider, which will be the amount listed on the Enrollment Cost Verification Certificate. For the actual amounts for parent fees and subsidy reimbursement, be sure to refer to the Family Enrollment Verification Certificate. Child Care providers are never authorized to increases fees/chargers to families to match the maximum USCG Child Care Subsidy Benefit.