Yahoo Child Care AssistanceJob seekers in the tech industry already know about Yahoo’s generosity toward its employees. New hires enjoy everything from free lunch and snacks to new smartphones. Those perks are just the beginning. Yahoo also offers a comprehensive array of benefits expressly designed to help new and growing families.

Here is an overview of Yahoo’s parental benefits package:

Parental Leave

New mothers can take up to four months of unpaid leave; new parents are given eight weeks of paid parental leave. This benefit applies to newborns, adopted and fostered children, and surrogacy.

Household Assistance

While employees are on paid parental leave, Yahoo reimburses up to $500 a month for routine household expenses, including housecleaning, groceries, laundry, and take-out food.

Adoption Assistance

Yahoo’s industry-leading adoption-assistance program reimburses employees for the costs of legal representation and court fees, even for international adoptions.

Child Care Discounts

Daycare can be surprisingly expensive, and Yahoo offers a substantial discount on tuition fees charged by eligible Child Care facilities. Employees should mention this program both to their HR representatives and to admissions staff at each Child Care facility to confirm that discounted rates are available.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Daycare is an invaluable help to working parents, but even the best Child Care facilities have their limits. To cover the cost of Child Care on sick days, holidays on which preschool is closed, and other exceptions to the Child Care calendar, Yahoo allows working parents to set aside pre-tax dollars in a flexible spending account or FSA. Employees simply save their receipts after paying for special Child Care arrangements (even babysitting) and are reimbursed up to the balance of their FSA. Federal and State laws may limit the types of expenses and level of reimbursement allowable under this program.

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