Starbucks Child Care AssistanceStarbucks Child Care Assistance

Starbucks is the leading American coffee company that was first founded in Seattle in 1971. As of 2019, Starbucks operates more than 30,000 retail locations around the world. In addition, Starbucks has been defined as crucial demonstrative of the ‘second wave coffee,’ which is popularized mainly for their dark roasted coffee. The critical goal of Starbucks is to sell the best quality coffee to its customers. On the other hand, the other purpose is to be known for its high ethical standards and quality of life. Starbucks offers different benefits to its employees who are parents in the case of Child Care, and these benefits help its employees to work more effectively with peace of mind. 

Parental Leave 

Starbucks offers other Child Care benefits through its Employee Assistance Program, which include paid parental leave and Partner and Family Sick Time, a program that allows the employees of Starbucks U.S. to get paid sick time when they need to stay home to care for an ill child. 

Eligible partners welcoming a new child may receive time off and pay replacement through parental leave. Starbucks also provides Family Expansion Reimbursement of up to $10,000 per adoption, surrogacy, or Intrauterine Insemination for eligible partners.

Child Care Reimbursement

Starbucks, through its partnership with, where Starbucks will reimburse $1 for each hour for in-home Child Care and pay $5 for each day for center-based Child Care.

Backup Child Care 

All U.S. employees of Starbucks have access to up to 10 backup Child Care days for kids and adults per year, in addition to senior care planning and a premium membership to 

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