Qualcomm Child Care AssistanceQualcomm Child Care Programs and Benefits 

Qualcomm, established in 1985, is a communication company that offers top of the line communication technology and is headquarters in San Diego. Qualcomm is perhaps most widely known for cellular connectivity, but its technologies and products are also used in industry segments and applications beyond mobile, such as automotive, computing, and artificial intelligence.

The company has grown in size and workforce since its creation. This massive growth that the company has experienced in its workforce can be attributed to the attention it pays to provide benefits for its employees. As a company, Qualcomm believes in the well-being of its employees. It also believes that for its employees to perform at their best, there is a need for the company to help them in every way possible as they pursue their individual and workplace goals. These benefits serve as a drag to potential employees that are looking for the right workplace that supports them in building a family.

Qualcomm’s Women in Science and Engineering Network

This network was created for women that work with the company. This network helps to provide mentorship, speed networking, and panels on how to balance work with life for mothers.

Moms that work with the wireless technology company are provided with the needed assistance to ensure they are maintaining optimal health. This includes starting the day with a workout class at one of the company’s on-site fitness centers. By afternoon, they are allowed to either attend parenting class, visit the mobile dental service, or wander over to the health clinic on the main campus.

Most evenings are for family movie nights, and workers often do not fail to hunker down with their kids in a company auditorium. These programs are designed to serve as physical and mental refreshers for employees. With them, employee parents can be better prepared psychologically to handle tougher tasks around the workplace.

Paid Maternity Leave

In a bid to support parents during childbirth, the company has incorporated a policy that allows for between 20-24 weeks of fully paid maternity leave for New parents.

Qualcomm understands the need for new parents to bond with the new addition to their family; hence, they allow workers time off when they give birth both to recuperate from the stress of labor and to have enough time for their little one. This does not only provide workers enough bonding time with their family but also ensure that there’s enough money to offset both sudden and recurrent expenditures.

Back-Up Care Advantage Program (BUCA)

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program offers employees up to seven calendar services per calendar year for child care or an adult/elder relative when their regular arrangements are not available. Reserve care for up to one month (30 days) in advance. The program offers employees:

  • Finding pre-screened caregivers (in-home elder care thru Years Ahead and Sittercity)
  • Everyday child care (babysitters and nannies) for children of all ages
  • Elder care resources, planning, and referrals
  • Pet care – dog walkers, pet sitters and more
  • Preferred enrollment access and exclusive discounts at participating Child Care centers nationwide

Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance

Qualcomm does not only stop at supporting parents that give birth to new babies. The company takes it a step further to support adoption and surrogacy. This means that parents are allowed to go for adoption at any time they want.

Of course, this comes with paid leave, too, just as it is with birth leave. The adoption and surrogacy assistance program that the company offers to ensure that employees that meet eligibility requirements would have the opportunity to receive up to $15,000 as reimbursement for qualified expenses of each child.

The paid leave period also allows employees enough time to bond with the new addition to their family.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

As a way to help employees keep up with unexpected family expenses that may arise once in a while, the company provides access to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. The primary purpose of the design of this account is to help employees save money on their day-care expenses.

With this plan, employees are able to contribute up to $5,000 for each calendar year. To be eligible to participate in this program, employees must work for up to 30 hours a week or more.

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