Publix Child Care AssistanceBackground on Publix Super Market

Publix started as a single store back in 1930, eventually transforming into the biggest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States, and is the country’s fifteenth-largest U.S. retailer. Publix was ranked No. 12 on Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies To Work For, and always remaining one of the world’s most admirable companies.


Publix Child Care Assistance 

Having a strong business is not the only positive entity that Publix promises. There are multiple services that Publix provides to its employees, with a big focus on supplying good benefits and perks. Apart from health insurance, employee assistance programs, tuition assistance, and disability assurance, Publix has been providing its employees with remunerations of child daycare with off-site options as well as co-op alternatives between small centers around Publix buildings.


Publix believes that providing Child Care in the workplace improves employee morale, lowers turnover and absenteeism, and attracts a wider variety of prospective employees. Another big savings is realized in bringing new mothers back to work sooner, allowing companies to save in hiring and training replacements.

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