Men's Wearhouse Child Care AssistanceMen’s Warehouse Child Care Benefits and Program 

Along with job descriptions, salary levels, work hours, and more, those searching for a new position look for the array of benefits offered that will positively impact their lives. Men’s Warehouse provides superior benefits and programs for their employees and their family members, and they hope to retain their valuable employees as well as attract top talent. 

Maternity Support Program

Men’s Warehouse has an excellent support program with helpful resources for their expecting team members in an effort to make their pregnancy go as smoothly as possible. 

Child Care Flexible Spending Account 

As a way to help employees keep up with unexpected family expenses that may arise once in a while, the company provides access to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. The primary purpose of the design of this account is to help employees save money on their daycare expenses. With this plan, employees are able to contribute up to $5,000 for each calendar year. To be eligible to participate in this program, employees must work for up to 30 hours a week or more.

Subsidized On-site Daycare

Parents of young children face difficulties finding and affording top-quality childcare. The best centers may have prohibitive monthly costs, while the more affordable options do not offer the security and educational opportunities that the best daycare centers do.

For employees that work in Fremont, California, or Houston, Texas, they have the ability to use the Child Care services that is on-site at their Head Quarters for any family members they have below school age. Men’s Warehouse believes in helping the parents they employ to stay connected to their children in genuine ways. These on-site Child Care centers are also available for store personnel and office workers.

The Men’s Warehouse Corporate location in Fremont, CA, is currently expanding its Child Care offerings with a brand-new 1963 square foot facility. This center will be dedicated to their employees who need quality care and educational services provider at an affordable rate.

The Willie Lopez Emergency Assistance Fund

The Men’s Warehouse remains an active part of The Willie Lopez Emergency Assistance Fund, which is a recognized non-profit organization founded in 1997. It is named after a well-respected district manager left behind a wife and four minor children after passing away unexpectedly.

This publicly supported program offers financial assistance to families who find themselves in similar situations. Through the company’s support of this charity, we strive to make a difference in the lives of people affected by catastrophic and unforeseen events that leave them struggling.

Men’s Warehouse also knows the importance of creating a parent-friendly company that helps our employees manage their schedules and take care of their families in the best way possible. Through subsidized Child Care offerings and support of programs that give emergency financial support, they strive to make a positive difference to those employed by the Men’s Warehouse brand.

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