Google Child Care Assistance

Google Child Care Benefits and Assistance

Google has consistently taken care of its workers, furnishing staff with a ton of advantages to make it worth their time to work for the organization. Among various perks,  Google provides its  employees of a Child Care Program facility.

Child Care Programs offered by Google for Employees

  • For 9 years, Google has been collaborating with family care company to give its workers in the United States, Ireland, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Singapore 10 financed days of in-home or in-center Child Care per 12 months. The workers pay a cost for the funded days and may decide to give the full payment of the facility if they require it for over 10 days.
  • Google owns four daycare centers around Mountain View, California.
  • Google also provides Mothers’ Rooms in every office, backup babysitting, parent support group, parent guru, and parental peer guidance.
  • Google also has a family-leave plan. New mothers can take paid leave for 18 weeks, and new fathers get a month and a half off, paid as well.
  • Google gives its workers “child-bonding bucks” to assist with offsetting costs like pampers, food, and baby formula throughout the leave. When parents come back to work, Google provides them with free infant child care service.

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