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It’s no longer news that big corporations tend to offer so many tempting perks to employees, hence the massive drive of prospective employees to large corporations and multinationals.

Facebook is no different. In fact, over the years, Facebook has proven to be a corporation that supports the complete wellbeing of employees and their family members. This can be seen in the number of benefits that it rolls out steadily to its employees. Take a quick look at the corporation’s career page, along with its Glassdoor reviews, and you will be astounded by the number of enviable benefits that old and new employees stand to gain from the company. They also provide equal opportunities for people from all races, countries, and religions.

From a benefits perspective, Facebook tends to focus on several different employer perks, including family, health, finance, convenience, and community.

Paid Maternity Leave For Facebook Families

This is, perhaps, the biggest perk that families enjoy. As an employee, you can expect four months of paid leave from the corporation, within the first year of giving birth or adopting a baby. This gives both mother and father enough time to spend with their new babies, giving them the attention that they require.

Support for Family Planning

Facebook has always proven its support towards the wellbeing of the employee, their family, and the communities they come from. The company tries to channel most of its effort towards ensuring that the whole family enjoys most of the exclusive benefits it offers to employees. By supporting family planning, it shows a stance with the decision of the family on what they want for themselves. Additionally, it provides support for adoption, surrogacy assistance, and financial assistance to help offset some new-born expenses.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for Care of Dependents

Like most large organizations, Facebook offers a dependent care Flexible Spending Account that allows employees pay day care expenses for a child with pre-tax money. This is intended to help employees handle work-related dependent care costs.

Access to Information and Programs to Support Family Care and Child Care Needs

As a corporation, Facebook has never hidden its resolve to support continuous employee support. It’s therefore not surprising to learn about all the efforts it is putting into helping employees, and their family members develop through the provision of access to information and the support of family care needs.

The company believes that it is only through the genuine development of its employees’ intellectual capacity that it can attain the development goals that it has set for itself. Therefore, it does not restrict members from pursuing further education and research in related and unrelated fields.

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