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Boeing is the largest aerospace company, as well as leading manufacturers of commercial jetliners, space systems, defense, security and space systems, also aftermarket support service providers. Boeing serves the U.S. and over 150 countries supported by the allied government. Boeing tailored services, and products, include Military and Commercial Aircrafts, Weapons, defense and electronic systems, satellites, advanced communication and information systems, launch systems, and performance-based training and logistics.

Back-Up Child Care

Boeing is a company that understands the importance of family. To its employees, Boeing is a company that tries to accommodate any event that takes place effecting their families and Child Care. There are several different benefits to being an employee of Boeing while being a parent or expecting parent. Those Benefits include Back-Up Child Care, Paid Parental Leave, Adoption Assistance, and Paid Time Off.

These benefits cater to the family’s and employees’ special family needs. Child Care and Child Care assistance can be hard to come by. When you are a full-time parent and full-time employee, you need to know your children are well taken care of, and sometimes your regular care arrangements can fall apart.

That is why Boeing has its Back-Up Child Care. Employees with subsidized rates are provided with Child Care resources so that if their primary Child Care falls through, they will have an alternative option. Non-union employees based in the U.S. find themselves eligible for these special services. However, for those employees represented by a union, their eligibility is determined by the terms of appropriate collective bargain agreements and their collective bargaining.

Paid Parental Leave

For those employees, both fathers and mothers can get a 12 week leave for the events of birth, surrogacy, placement of a foster child, or adoption. This leave does come with full pay.

Adoption Assistance

In the event that an employee adopts a child with a physical or mental hindrance, Boeing will reimburse up to $10,000 of expenses related to the adoption. There are a few expenses that are not reimbursed. The child must also be under 18 years of age.

Paid Time Off

Life throws many things their way. When life happens, you sometimes need some time to handle affairs, settle time-consuming work, or care for someone who is unable to care for themselves. Sometimes, pregnancy and adoption take the reigns of your life, and you just need time to take care of your family. We do offer a leave of absence for many different life events, such as Pregnancy And/or Adoption, Medical and Family Leave, Parental leave for both mother and father. Even military duty. This paid time off benefit is a hard one to come by when you are researching potential employment opportunities.

Child Care services, paid time off, adoption assistance, and paid parental leave are just some of the benefits that you receive as an employee for Boeing. The well being of their employees and their families is their first priority.

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