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AT&T is a US-based company that’s currently pulling waves in the telecommunications industry. For over 140 years, AT&T has been changing the way people live, work, and play. The company remains the largest provider of fixed telephone service in the US.  Over time, the company has experienced a surge in the number of talented employees. AT&T has made the company attractive by offering additional employee benefits for working parents. Thus helping their employees succeed in their career,  all while balancing their home life and their careers. 

Paid Parental Leave

The biggest perk of working with AT&T for most parents is, perhaps, the fact that the company allows new parents to go on eight weeks of paid time off. This goes a long way to show how much support the company gives the family of the employees. The time off allows the new parents enough time to bond with the new addition to their family. 

Child Care Employee Assistance Programs

Since its creation, AT&T has always shown that it is a company that targets the well-being of its employees. This can clearly be seen in the amount of employee assistance programs (EAP) that the company provides for its employees. These programs are designed to provide professional and confidential assistance to employees and their families when they may be experiencing any issues, irrespective of whether they are personal or work-related. 

CarePlus Supplemental Benefit Program

This is a program that the company has specially designed to cover all expenses needed for the temporal care of dependent family members of an employee that may be suffering from a terminal illness or disability. This fund is made available to provide the continuous home care needed from a personal care assistant.  

Pregnancy and Adoption Support

AT&T has continuously proven its resolve to stand by parents and prospective parents in whatever decision they make. They provide total pregnancy and adoption support to parents and prospective parents that are employees. 

When an employee is pregnant company offers them all the support that they might need for a safe delivery period. If a parent opts for adoption, on the other hand, the company also offers the same level of support that it provides to new parents that gave birth. 

This includes paid leave for the employee to bond properly with the new member of his or her family. AT&T also offers parental kits to such parents containing a diaper bag, a medicine dropper, and other essential equipment for such periods, including educational materials.

Child Care Education and Schooling 

AT&T offers support to the children of employees in regards to education and schooling through LifeCare, the administrator for the company’s work/life program. 

LifeCare is charged with the responsibility of providing educational materials, phone consultations, personalized referrals, as well as a website that’s interactive to help children of employees attain their life needs that are related to education. LifeCare also offers a discount to employees for Child Care. It goes a step further by giving free kits containing curriculum and information for parents to ensure that their children are meeting those essential milestones in their life.

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