Apple Child Care AssistanceApple Inc., formerly Apple Computer Inc, is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that creates, develops, and sells computer software, consumer electrics, and online services.  It was the first prosperous personal computer company and propagated the graphical user interface.

Apple is well known for looking after its employees and providing them with unique and essential employee benefits.  Your job search efforts involve so much more than work hours, salary, and personal perks when you are a parent who has to figure in the care and well-being of your children. Apple ensures the well-being of its employees by also providing them with family-friendly benefits.

Generous Parental Leave Time

Apple offers up to 18 weeks of paid time off and an additional six weeks of unpaid time off for birth parents. They also give new parents a four-week grace period,” which is additional time meant to help new parents transition back to work after their time off. New parents will be paid like full-time employees but will have the flexibility to either set their own hours or work part-time. This benefit also applies to new parents that adopt or take in foster children.

 Pre-Tax Child Care Savings

Like most large organizations, Apple offers a dependent care Flexible Spending Account that allows employees to pay daycare expenses for a child with pre-tax money. This is intended to help employees handle work-related dependent care costs. Moms and dads will be able to put $5000 aside for these expenses before taxes. This Dependent Day Care Spending Account allows parents to save some money every year.

 Backup Child Care 

Apple offers  ten days of emergency dependent care at Bright Horizons. This backup care pertains to both children and elders who need oversight if the other care services fall through suddenly. 

 Adoption Assistance

 Apple has increased the support it provides to parents who adopt. Apple offset adoption-related costs by $14,000. Adoptive parents also get an extra four weeks of paid time off through Apple’s Paid Family Care benefit.

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