Aflac Child Care AssistanceAflac (American Family Life Assurance Company) has been providing supplementary insurance services for more than 60 years. It has established itself in the country as one of the most recognized companies thanks to its service and coverage policies at the national level.

One of the company’s most outstanding variants is that they manage to solve the needs and problems of all their employees to produce a healthy work-life balance. The premise is simple: “we take care of our employees so that the employees can take care of the business,” says Dan Amos Chairman & CEO, Aflac, Inc., which translates into a better working environment and better results in every way.

Parents have one of the biggest challenges, and it’s about finding a balance between parenthood and work. It isn’t easy for parents to find high-quality Child Care that is capable of offering everything your child needs. That is why Aflac has specific Child Care assistance programs so that it can provide excellent stability to their employee’s entire family.

Aflac Child Care Assistance

It’s not easy to find a child care center that meets all the quality standards a parent is looking for, because the more comprehensive the service, the more expensive it becomes. At Aflac, they understand that parents have an additional burden on their lives, and they need support in a variety of areas.

Aflac understands that parents have other priorities, and because more than 70% of its employees are women, they have been evolving to provide the ideal working environment. Aflac has two daycare centers inside the organization, with one of the care centers offering services during extended hours in case a parent has had to stay at work overtime. These dedicated child care for employees highlights include :

  • A group of childhood professionals dedicated to the care and education of children based on their age and particular needs
  • A complete and balanced diet, ensuring that during the time that children are in the care they will receive quality food that will help them grow up healthy
  • Constant and age-appropriate education, so that the child can develop cognitive processes according to his or her age
  • Protection and supervision at all times

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