Columbia University Child Care Assistance

Established in 1754, Columbia University is a private Ivy League research University in the Morningside Heights neighborhood in Upton New York City.

The prestigious university with it’s diverse campus and opportunities and stellar academics, yearly draw students in from all around the world.  Columbia University is the oldest higher education institution in New York.  

Child Care Assistance For full-time students, teachers, and employees 

Columbia University is dedicated in proving quality Child Care services to its staff and students, and the University helps in supporting multiple local daycare centers.  Columbia supports the centers in a form of different way such as scholarships that are offered through the Columbia Community Service, provision of volunteers, in addition to rent-free space.  Each of these schools are either ran by a board of trustees or a parent’s board, and all of the Child Care teachers are certified by the Board of Education.  A list of these programs can be viewed here. 

Child Care Assistance for Full-time Students:

For students that are fully funded Ph.D. or D.M.A. candidates in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Child Care subsidies are available.  They’re also available for fully funded Ph.D. candidates that are in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 

Parental Leave 

Doctorial students who give birth, adopt, become foster parents or become legal guardians, students whose partner or spouse gives birth, can have their program  suspended for up to twelve calendar weeks without any loss of funding.   

Also, once their paid leave is over students can elect to take a semester of unpaid accommodation.

Health Insurance 

Columbia University requires that most of their students have comprehensive health insurance when they enroll. Columbia Student Health Insurance has options for both prenatal and postnatal care, and health insurance options for their dependents.

Child Care Assistance for Teachers and Employees:

Columbia University provides employees a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  The Child Care Benefits provides employees that are earning $125,000 or less access to $3,000 per year to use towards Child Care and early education expenses.   

Back-Up ChildCare 

Columbia University has contracted with Bright Horizons Family Solutions to provide access for its employees to 150 hours of back-up care per year which is available around-the-clock. The Back-Up Care Advantage Program provides care for children, adults, and elders.  When employee’s normal care arrangement fall through or when short-term care is required and employees still need to complete work or academic responsibilities back-up care can be used when needed.

Additional Resources 

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