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Assistance Guide to Help Pay for Child Care in San Diego County

These are the following programs that can support families with paying for Child Care. Families must meet programs qualification criteria. Please refer to programs website or give them a call to obtain further information on how to apply for financial assistance.

San Diego County Centralized Eligibility List

About This Program

The Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) is funded by the following agencies: Casa de Amparo, Chicano Federation, Child Development Associates, Inc., Easter Seals Southern California-Leucadia, Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc. and the YMCA Childcare Resource Service. Our local San Diego County CEL is here to support families in need of help paying for child care. In San Diego County, the YMCA Childcare Resource Service administers the CEL.

Applying for Assistance Directions:

  1. Click on “Apply for Child Care Assistance”
  2. READ and Agree to Terms and Conditions
  3. If you live in San Diego County click “YES”
  4. Select Family Gross Monthly Income that best reflects your current status
  5. You will be promoted to select the Language of the application you would like to complete (English or Spanish).
    English Application
    Spanish Application
  6. You will be promoted to create an account; this will give you access to the application.
  7. Complete the application and you will be notified on following steps (If applicable). Once you have applied, you will have automatically applied for the following Agency programs:
    • Casa de Amparo
    Chicano Federation
    • Child Development Associates Inc.
    • Easter Seals Southern California-Leucadia
    • Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc.
    • YMCA Childcare Resource Service

Children’s Home Society of California (site)

About This Program

Children’s Home Society of California (CHS) has three Child Care Payment Programs that provide subsidized child care services to eligible families: Alternative Payment, CalWORKs, and Family Child Care Home Education Network programs.

Applying for Assistance Directions:

  1. Click on Orange tab on top “Apply for Child Care Assistance” or click HERE
  2. Click on Orange tab on Left Side of the page “Apply for Child Care Assistance” or click HERE
  3. Complete “Eligibility List Online Application”.
    o Form is in English and Spanish
  4. Once you have completed the online application, your form will be submitted and will inform you of following steps.

Children’s Home Society of California

About This Program

Current or former CalWORKs cash aid recipients are eligible to receive assistance with paying for child care with a provider of their choice, if they are employed or participating in county approved Welfare-to-Work activities. Pregnant and parenting teens in the Cal-Learn program are also eligible to receive CalWORKs child care. Child care is provided for children through the age of 12, and for exceptional needs and severely disabled children up to age 21. If you are not receiving CalWORKs cash assistance and need help paying for child care, contact the local Child Care Resource and Referral agency (R&R) and/or the Alternative Payment Program (APP) in your county to obtain more information.

How to Apply: The program is administered at the county level by the county welfare departments. To apply for services, contact your local county welfare department.
Already getting assistance for Child Care? If you are currently receiving CalWORKs child care, have questions or concerns about your services or current child care arrangements, contact your Child Care Worker, the Welfare-to-Work or Cal-Learn worker as appropriate.