Child Care News | Week In Review

With the speed the media moves it is easy to miss the stories that matter to you. Each week Team TOOTRiS constantly keeps up on breaking news in the Child Care industry, and we have put together 3 trending stories that you might have missed.

1) Child care owners say new regulations will hike parents’ fees, put them out of business

As Massachusetts employees tiptoe out of a nearly three-month lockdown, the already expensive child care market will likely become even more competitive for families, due to new regulations aimed at keeping children safe in a COVID era. Early educators say the socially distant classrooms they’re being told to reopen will be far more costly to operate, less welcoming to youngsters, and perhaps completely unworkable.

Preschool classrooms that previously accommodated 20 children will be limited to 10. Strict limits on interaction will prevent teachers and aides from floating between rooms, keeping them dedicated to the same group of children all day, every day, and possibly necessitating new hires.

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2) Pandemic Could Scar a Generation of Working Mothers

Working from home has highlighted and compounded the heavier domestic burden borne by women. Now office reopenings may force new career sacrifices.

As the pandemic upends work and home life, women have carried an outsized share of the burden, more likely to lose a job and more likely to shoulder the load of closed schools and day care. For many working mothers, the gradual reopening won’t solve their problems, but compound them — forcing them out of the labor force or into part-time jobs while increasing their responsibilities at home.

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3) The pandemic exposes US childcare for what it is: ‘a crisis within a crisis

Americans already struggling to afford childcare before the pandemic are now facing a more precarious economy.

The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare some of the worst inequities in the US, not least the shortcomings in the US childcare system. Thousands of childcare facilities are at risk of permanently closing and Americans already struggling to afford childcare before the pandemic are now facing a more precarious economy.

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