20 Fun San Diego Summer Camps for Kids

San Diego Zoo - Summer Camps for Kids

Summer camps are a great way to foster independence, have freedom from electronics, enjoy fun activities and experiences, and create friendships. Now is a great time to begin planning for summer by choosing and registering for camps.

Choosing a camp starts with your child’s interests: What does he/she love or want to learn more about? There are camps for art, sports, dance, gymnastics, academics, technology, and so much more. So, which camp to choose? Here are some things to consider when choosing camp:

  1. Word of mouth. Talk to other parents about what they recommend.
  2. The drive. Consider a place that’s a convenient drive.
  3. Price. The cost of camps can quickly add up.
  4. Reviews. This is one of the biggest third-party review sites for summer camps.
  5. Refunds. Life is unexpected and crazy, so it’s nice to know if there’s camp session to transfer to and a cancellation policy.
  6. Local outlets. For example, The City of Poway, YMCA, and the Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego have great summer camp lists and recommendations.

Here are our recommendations for 20 of the most fun camps in San Diego this summer (this is not a paid or sponsored post). They include a little bit of everything for a variety of ages (including tweens and teens) from outdoors, science, music, animals, history, arts, and cooking.

  1. Your child will participate in hands-on science and art activities, and guided exploration at the Little Explorers Summer Camp at San Diego’s Children’s Discovery Museum. Ages: K-3rd grade; Price: $135 – $300.
  2. Experience the wonderful world of animals at San Diego Zoo: There are SO many options by grade level (from PreK – 12th grade). Price: Varies by camp, but starts around $300 for one week.
  3. The Birch Aquarium offers kids the opportunity to truly explore the ocean from learning about enchanted kelp forests to surfing. Ages 4-15. Price: Starting at $275 per week.
  4. From prehistoric to how we interact with nature in the digital world, the San Diego Natural History Museum offers a variety of camp themes and options. Ages: PreK – 8th grade. Price: Starting at $200.
  5. Little Fish Comic Book Studio Camps offer highly engaging experiences designed for all ages with the goal of a greater understanding of the comic arts and its creation. Ages: 7-17. Price: $290.
  6. Help your child foster a love of science, technology, and engineering at the Mad Science Camp. Ages 3 – 12; Price: Starting at $199. UC San Diego also offers a variety of excellent camps, including robotics. Ages: K – 12th grade; Price: Half-day starting at $270.
  7. San Diego Junior Theater Summer Camp provides engaging, innovative, high-quality theater education and productions for children of all cultural heritages, ages, abilities and levels of interest. Ages: K-6th grade; Price: $155.
  8. Outpost Summer Camps provides group-centered, outdoor-based, traditional camp experiences. Ages 3 – 14; Price: Starting at $780 for 3 weeks.
  9. Learn the art of yoga. Ages 5-10. Price: $195 – $295.
  10. Computer animation and game design at FX Dojo. Ages: 10 – 18; Price: $295
  11. Calling all music-lovers! The Recreational Music Center offers camps that will keep kids rocking (and learning) all summer long. Ages: 4 – 18. Price: Starting at $249.
  12. San Diego Circus Center: Learn the fundamentals of circus arts like aerials and juggling with a talented staff who have performed with Cirque du Soleil. Ages: 6-15; Price: $325.
  13. Take a food journey around the world at Harvard Cooking Girl. Ages: 5-12; Cost $300.
  14. Storymakery’s Young Author Camps: Designed to boost your child’s love for creative writing. Ages: 5-12; Price: $300 – $450.
  15. Outside the Lens offers a variety of digital media camps, including photography adventures. Ages: 5 – 18, Price: Starting at $320.
  16. Learn about horse safety, handling, grooming, tacking and riding. This camp encourages the interaction of disabled and able-bodied children. Ages: 7 – 17. Price: Half-day camps start at $200.
  17. When your aspiring secret agent is ready to accept their mission, check out this unique camp. Think invisible ink, GPS, and self-defense. Ages 6 – 11. Price: $435.
  18. Water sports camp offers wakeboarding, sailing, surfing, paddling, marine science, and more. Ages: 6 – 17. Price: Half-day camps start at $290.
  19. With weather like ours, golf is always a good option. Ages: 6 – 16. Price: Starting at $225.
  20. Language and culture through the beautiful art of Taiko. Kids will not only learn the art of Taiko, but will also learn Japanese etiquette, vocabulary, focus, and camaraderie. For more information, email Frederic at

Choosing just 20 camps was a challenge as there are so many great activities in San Diego. See how many you can visit!