10 DIY Projects Kids Can Do for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Here are fun DIY activities for children to celebrate MOMS on their special day!

  1. Wooden Friendship Bracelets: Create matching or personalized bracelets using popsicle sticks, an awl tool, hemp cord, scissors, and colorful washi tape!
  2. Heart-Shaped Fingerprint Tree: You probably already have these materials at home – white paper, pencils, pink and red paint, and a black or brown fine tip marker.
  3. Hands & Feet Love Sign: A bit messier than the others, this painted sign only requires a small canvas, white paint, and a colored paint of your choice!
  4. Egg Carton Flowers: Create a beautiful work of art using cardboard egg cartons, scissors, paint, glue, and cardstock. Once it dries, you can hang this flower art of the wall for mom to enjoy!
  5. You Are My Sunshine Craft: A cheerful keepsake to display on the wall or on a desk, the materials you’ll need for this project are a wooden circle plaque, yellow cardstock, scissors, glue, a foam brush, yellow acrylic paint, and a fine tip sharpie to write a custom message.
  6. Hand-Painted Mini Cactus Hand-Painted Mini Cactus: A cute and simple way to make everlasting plants without having to maintain them! Just take a small pot, some pebbles, small rocks, and green and white paint to create these adorable cacti.
  7. Melted Bead Suncatcher: The materials you’ll need to make these little sun catchers are translucent pony beads, metal cupcake baking dishes, and an outdoor grill (best) or toaster oven.
  8. Tie-Dye Sharpie Bookmarks Tie-Dye Sharpie Bookmarks: You’ll just need to have a plastic jug (i.e. milk jug, juice jug, vinegar jug), colored sharpies, 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, an eyedropper, varnish, hole puncher, and ribbon/string to make these unique bookmarks for mom!
  9. Coffee Filter Flowers: Vibrantly colored, these flowers will bring a splash of joy to any household! This project requires large coffee filters, scissors, an eyedropper, watercolor paint or diluted food coloring, hot glue, and pipe cleaners.
  10. Simple Sugar Scrub Simple Sugar Scrub: Surprisingly, sugar scrubs are extremely easy to make and they can even be made with organic ingredients! Just mix together sugar, oil (preferably olive or almond oil so it’s not scented), essential oils (lavender is a great one!), and food coloring (optional). You can display it in a nice mason jar with a ribbon and custom note tied around the top.