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TOOTRiS Announces Measures to Support Child Care for Parents Impacted by COVID-19

Measures to Include Temporary On-site Child Care Support for Vital Employers During California’s State of Emergency

SAN DIEGO, California – March 20, 2020 (source: PRNewswire)

TOOTRiS, a technology enabled service provider that connects parents to high-quality Child Care, has announced it has expanded its community assistance for working parents who cannot obtain Child Care due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

In order to assist the employees who support California’s vital assets, systems, and networks, but as parents, have lost their Child Care availability due to closure of schools and programs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, TOOTRiS has launched a comprehensive set of programs to assist impacted families, ensure California employers who can’t risk losing employees over lack of Child Care have options, and provide help to Family Child Care providers (FCCs) that are currently languishing without enrollment or support.

These new programs include:

  • Emergency Enrollment Services: This program is helping impacted parents in the region connect with and place their children in open, safe Family Child Care providers;
  • Operating Temporary Employer Sponsored Child Care: This program creates partnerships with regional employers that want to set up on-site Child Care pods (up to 10 children) for their staff as a temporary measure in order to support their employees. TOOTRiS has brought in Early Childhood Education staff to deploy and run these temporary on-site care facilities at no cost to employers;
  • FCC Assistance and Resources: This program provides Family Child Care providers with disaster relief resources to help them understand what, as a small business, they may be eligible to apply for; and
  • FCC/Parent Informational Kit: This program gives Family Child Care providers COVID-19 hard copy Informational Kits including good hygiene promotional posters for children, in both English and Spanish, to better educate FCCs, parents and children on COVID-19 facts, best practices, cleaning guidelines, and symptoms to watch for.

“I am grateful to TOOTRiS for the help and support during these uncertain times, and for the materials and informational pamphlets that have helped us appease parents’ concerns, while engaging children in fun filled self-hygiene activities,” said Teresa Fuentes of Fuentes Day Care in Chula Vista, California.

With this recent Executive Order N-33-20 issued by Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the State of California, TOOTRiS has accelerated its programs to assist Family Child Care providers, vital employers, and most importantly, the impacted parents and families in the region.

“During these past few days so much has changed and we understand that everyone is adapting to an unprecedented situation no one could have predicted – AKA the “New Normal,” said Alessandra Lezama, TOOTRiS CEO. “Child Care is essential and Family Child Care providers are a crucial part of our communities. Everyone at TOOTRiS is working relentlessly to support Family Child Care providers in real time, to ensure that we can provide the necessary assistance to San Diegans so that they may continue their work in our regions critical infrastructure sectors in this time of National Emergency.”