Branding Guidelines

Last updated: November 26, 2019

In order to maintain a consistent and professional identity, TOOTRiS has built a set of visual guidelines for our internal and external use. These guidelines include proper usage of our colors, logos and settings. To make any use of TOOTRiS trademarks or other intellectual property in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at and include a visual mockup of intended use.TOOTRiS trademarks and brands are the corporation’s intellectual property and are important and valuable assets of the corporation.

These Guidelines apply to TOOTRiS employees, customers, child care centers, partners, consultants, outside vendors, and other third parties. By using any TOOTRiS trademarks you agree to follow these guidelines. TOOTRiS reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.

Right to Audit

TOOTRiS may periodically perform audits of any materials containing our logos or brand resources to ensure compliance with these requirements. If an item is selected for review, TOOTRiS will contact the responsible party directly.You must comply with our trademark guidelines found on this page. Our trademarks should not be altered in any way.

Clear Attribution

The provided logos cannot be used to impersonate TOOTRiS in any way. The focus of any materials containing TOOTRiS logos should be on the preparing party’s company or organization such that the material cannot be construed as being authored or endorsed by TOOTRiS. On any email or mail campaigns, it needs to be clear that the correspondence is from the preparing party, not from TOOTRiS. Additionally, TOOTRiS cannot be mentioned in the subject line of any e-mails or on the outside of any direct mail pieces without written consent by TOOTRiS.

Prohibited Usage

Any usage of the provided brand resources must be in good faith. You may not use any TOOTRiS logo, or the logos of TOOTRiS products or services, to disparage TOOTRiS, its products or services, or its partners in a manner which, in TOOTRiS sole discretion, may diminish or otherwise damage or tarnish TOOTRiS goodwill. Likewise, you must not use TOOTRiS brand resources in a manner that may be considered sexually explicit, vulgar, profane, or offensive; obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or otherwise unlawful; or religiously or racially offensive or otherwise promoting hate towards individuals or groups; or that violates any applicable laws or is otherwise objectionable to TOOTRiS, as determined by TOOTRiS in its sole discretion.

Unless you’ve received prior approval, TOOTRiS is not a sponsor of your promotions. Your use of the TOOTRiS logo, or the logos of TOOTRiS products or services, should not imply a formal business partnership or sponsorship of your promotions.

Textual References

Our name is “TOOTRiS”, must be written as such. The name is one word, no spaces, with all letters always capitalized except for the “i” which is always lowercase.



The TOOTRiS logo is our most recognizable asset and symbolizes everything we love about our organization. Please see appropriate download links below

    • PNG
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • JPG

Logo Size

The TOOTRiS logo must always maintain the same size relation. The minimum logo width for all web and digital applications is 150 pixels.The minimum size for the logo in print is 1.5 inches wide. The preferred logo width for use on the front of a typical printed piece is 2.5 inches, but we understand this will vary especially when used in small or large formats.

Logo Spacing

The TOOTRiS logo requires an appropriate amount of space around it. The clear spacearound the TOOTRiS logo should have a minimum of room, free of text, graphics, or other elements.