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Amazing New Platform Coming in 2020!

Our patented TOOTRiS platform easily allows parents to access Child Care around the clock, incorporating advanced scheduling, mapping, and payment technologies into a simple and intuitive interface on both desktop and mobile devices.

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For far too long, parents have had limited child care options coupled with rising costs and lack of availability, especially outside of typical business hours. TOOTRiS’ core mission is to provide parents access to the largest 24/7 on-demand child care network, while providing real-time visibility into the well-being and step-by-step care of their child. All this, while empowering more parents – especially women - to have the choice of either returning to the workforce faster with peace of mind or staying home to start a six-figure career in child care.

TOOTRiS is BBB Accredited & based in San Diego, CA.

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If you like our thinking, know someone that needs child care, or would like to start a new career, join the TOOTRiS Child Care Movement as a Founding Member. If you have any questions, have a great idea, would like to join our team, or simply want to chat, email us at, we’d love to hear from you!

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